Our goal is to create a community that connects all facets of the music industry together, creating a fairer and more honest environment for alternative music. We encourage all users to conduct themselves with a sense of integrity, decency and respect. These Community Guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of the Penguin Community

Important things to remember while using the Penguin Community

We’re not asking you to be saints, but please don’t abuse the Penguin Community. We’re a community of many types of people, from all walks of life. Everyone has the right to feel safe and comfortable whilst using one of our platforms. So please, be polite and respectful; we trust you to be responsible and expect everyone in the community to respect that.

Use your common sense

  • Every Penguin has it needs, but still..  we’re not the place for pornographic or sexually explicit material.
  • Please refrain from swearing or using rude language in your comments on the Pinguin Radio player or elsewhere.
  • Don’t be a pirate – respect copyright. In other words, don’t post copyrighted content without permission from the owner.
  • It’s all about the music, please don’t discuss a topic that is not related to the community (e.g. politics, sports) in which you are participating,
  • Be respectful to each other. Do not vent your frustrations at other members, whether it is through your comments or material you post on the site. There is a zero tolerance for predatory behaviour, defamatory comments, threats, harassment, illegal activities, invading privacy, propaganda, racial hatred, vulgar or obscene content, other inappropriate behaviour or the revealing of other members’ personal information.
  • Don’t be a law-breaker. Make sure you comply with all applicable rules and laws in your particular area. Do not promote information that you know or suspect is false or misleading or is criminal or illegal.

Pinguin Radio reserves the right to investigate and when necessary take appropriate action against anyone who breaches these Community Guidelines, including  removal of the offending content or profile without notice and terminating the account of such users. Pinguin Radio will determine in its sole discretion whether content and/or behaviour is in violation of these Community Guidelines.

We will update these Community Guidelines every once in a while, so please check this page regularly.