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When will you add new features. Penguin Artists is currently in Beta. This means we’re constantly testing and adding new features. You will receive a notification once we’ve rolled out new features.
How can I listen to Pinguin Radio? For the best experience, use to Pinguin Player on pinguinradio.com or our mobile app for android and apple phones. You can also find us on TuneIn.com
I want to listen Pinguin Radio on the go as well, doesn’t that use too much data? No worries, listening one of our radio stream through our app merely uses approximately 15 MB every hour (depending on your device/provider)
How do I a track to my playlist? To add a track to your playlist, go to our music page and click on the + icon in the bottom right corner to add it to your playlist.
How can I support Pinguin Radio? We’re happy that you’d like to support us! You can do so by either sending us a onetime donation or you can become ‘a friend of pinguin radio’ for a small monthly payment.
I wish to contact Pinguin Radio. If you wish to contact us, you can do so by filling out our contact form at https://shop.pinguinradio.com/contact/
How can I report something that’s not okay. Do you see something that’s not okay, click report. Pinguin Radio will check if if the content violates our Community Guidelines.
Question Answer
I’m experiencing some trouble making an account, can you please help me? Try using the most recent version of Google chrome when making an account, also we advise you to clear your browser’s cache if you’re experiencing trouble when making an account. If you are having trouble creating your account, message us at support@pinguinradio.com
How do I get rid of advertisements? If you’d like to get rid of advertisements, we advise you to sign up for a premium account. That way you will also support Pinguin Radio.
Why can’t I pay with my subscription with iDeal? Unfortunately we don’t support iDeal at the moment. However it is something we’re considering for the future.
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Help! One of Pinguin Radio’s streams is stuttering/silent. Try to restart your browser/app. Still not functioning? Contact us at support@pinguinradio.com
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I know a great song, is it possible for Pinguin Radio to play it? The best way to suggest us a song is by leaving a tip at the “Graadmeter”. Visit https://pinguinradio.com/programmas/graadmeter/8746 , scroll down and suggest us a song
Wait?! What song did I hear just now? We keep track of everything that’s being played on our streams. Check out: https://pinguinradio.com/playlist
How do I discover even MORE new music trough Pinguin Radio. Apart from following the bands and artists that you like, make sure to also take a look at pinguinradio.com/music for the hottest tracks.
Question Answer
What is Penguin Artists? Penguin Artists is a DIY music platform for bands, artists and their managers or agents.
Why should I use Penguin Artists? Whether you’re an artist, manager or agent, you can use Penguin Artists to submit your music, expand your network within the music industry and start new and interesting collaborations.
How do I make an artist profile To make an artist page, visit https://artists.pinguinradio.com. After creating your account, you’ll find the overview of your bands in the left sidebar. Click ‘create new artist’ to add a new artist or band.
How do I claim an artist page Click ‘claim page’. We will send you an e-mail with a verification link. Don’t forget to check your spam folder, if you can’t find the verification e-mail.
Is it possible for Pinguin Radio play my music? Off course! If you want to plug your song, go to your artist profile and click ‘plug your track’ to submit a song.
Why can’t I view my artist page on my smartphone? Penguin Artists is currently still in Beta, thus some features (like mobile view) need to be developed further. We’re working hard to add this as soon as possible. Meanwhile please use your desktop/laptop to access your page.
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I’d love to work together with Pinguin Radio. We ‘re curious to discover your offer. Just send an e-mail to community@pinguinradio.com.


If you still have some questions left, just shoot a message to support@pinguinradio.com and we’ll help you further.